Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kiersten: Future Triathlete?

My kids have been some of my greatest cheerleaders since I started racing. Their support means the world to me!

Kiersten (10 years old) has especially been excited about the whole racing scene and often asks when she can do her first Triathlon. I'm really proud of the progress she has made in this last year with her overall fitness and her desire to make healthy choices.

This fall our local school, Arrowhead Elementary, sponsored a program called Kids Running America. The kids practiced twice a week after school for several weeks, logging their miles in the effort to eventually run 26 miles total, a full marathon, over the course of the weeks. They ran their last mile at the Denver Marathon Kids' Race. Kiersten and Josiah both participated in the program and did an awesome job! They were so proud of their medals!

Kiersten and I have set a goal to run a 5K together next Spring, so we're going to be running together once a week in preparation. So far we've run twice and she's a great running partner. I enjoy our conversation as much as the running. We're both adjusting to the cooler temperatures and learning what layers to wear for these chilly winter mornings!

This picture says it all. Kiersten is a really awesome kid. I'm so blessed to have her for a daughter -- and running partner!


UntPawGal02 said...

Hoping for a bright future of enduarnce sports for Kiersten. Good Luck :)

jahowie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like you have an amazing daughter there!! :-) Congrats to you also on your weight loss, and life change. That is amazing and it's obvious that you are teaching your daughter to live a healthy lifestyle. Very cool!! :-)

Lacey said...

You do know they have kids tri's, right? I know 5430 puts one on every summer. There's a link to it on the website. I'm glad she's enjoying it and glad you've found a good new running partner. :)

Sara said...

Lacey, I have seen some kids' Tris adverstised but haven't looked into it too closely. I'll check it out for next year!

Jahowie and untpawgal thanks for the comments!