Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rivers of Water

Here in arid Colorado, water is a precious resource. Rivers of water flowing in the mountains? Beautiful. Rivers of water flowing from under my washing machine? Umm...not so good.

That was the sight greeting me as I came downstairs on Saturday evening. I'm not talking a trickle of water. I'm talking a flood. Apparently something is leaking on the tub of our washing machine. I'm not sure how much water a large washing machine holds, but let's just say it's enough to soak every single towel I own and I was thinking I grabbing blankets next. Rebekah and Kiersten were helping me and we were down to washcloths and hand towels before the water finally slowed to a drip!

This is one of a long string of break downs we've had since starting our new budget system early this Fall. We are following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and it's been a wonderful experience (I would highly recommend his books and classes) but I do feel the Devil is out to get us with all the various break-downs we've had!

Mike wrote about his new adventures into becoming a handyman in his blog, so I'll allow him to share the details.

We have no solutions to the washing machine yet. Currently it's in many pieces spread throughout my hallway and downstairs bathroom. I'm just praying it's a repair and not an autopsy I see going on in there.

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jahowie said...

Been there done that. There are few things worse than a water leak in the house. We had a washer that has a leak and I stepped into about an inch of water first thing in the morning. It ruined the floor underneath it. Good luck with that. We ended up buying a new washer.